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CocoaLumberjack 每天生成一份日志

我现在遇到一个问题: app需要记录用户操作日志,每天一份日志,昨天第一次打开,生成一份日志,当天所有的操作都放在这个日历文件里面,今天再开打,重新生成一份日志,昨天的并没删除,今天的左右操作都放在今天的日志文件中,我设置了rollingFrequency = 60 * 60 * 24 ,这样的结果就是我今天下午第一次安装,生成一份日志,明天早晨9点重新运行,明天的日志就会写到昨天的日志里面去,请问我该如何处理才能当天第一次运行就生成一份日志并且昨天的并未删除。 谢谢 Now I have a problem: The app needs to record the user's operation log. A log is opened for the first time yesterday to generate a log. All operations of the day are placed in this calendar file. If you open it again today, a log will be generated again. Yesterday's operation has not been deleted. Today's left and right operations are put in today's log file. I set rollingfrequency = 60 * 60 * 24 The result is that I installed this afternoon for the first time and generated a log. If I run it again at 9:00 tomorrow morning, tomorrow's log will be written to yesterday's log. What should I do to generate a log for the first time that day and yesterday's log has not been deleted. thank you

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