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lightning legacypay overpayed the invoice a bit

I payed a bolt11 invoice using legacypay. The amount encoded in the bolt11 was 499907 satoshi, however, this was outputed by the legacypay command:

   "msatoshi": 501908132,
   "amount_msat": "501908132msat",
   "msatoshi_sent": 501914643,
   "amount_sent_msat": "501914643msat",
   "created_at": 1597237826,
   "status": "complete",

What's happening? Is it normal?

That's a useful answer
Without any help

-k legacypay bolt11=BOLT11______BOLT11 use_shadow=false results in

   "code": -32602,
   "message": "unknown parameter: use_shadow"