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hammerspoon hs.razer - Add support for Razer devices

I've discussed this before in other issues (#2447, #2876), but something I'd love to tackle sooner rather than later is add support for the Razer Tartarus V2 to Hammerspoon, offering a similar extension to hs.streamdeck.



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I’m actually hoping to support all the Razer devices that OpenRazer already supports - at least in terms of controlling their LEDs. At this stage in terms of having a callback for button presses, I’m only working on the Razer Tartarus V2, but that could be extended fairly easily by others if they have the hardware.

In terms of niche devices, we already support Tangent panels, Stream Deck’s, etc.

Ultimately it’s up to @cmsj and @asmagil as to whether or not they merge, but if not - I can just merge directly into CommandPost. It can’t be done as a Spoon, because spoons must be Lua only.