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Marlin [BUG] (Long beep on start or reset)


Printing well on SKR V1.3 set EEFFB

On startup and reset getting large beep even if speaker disabled. Weird blips before the Marlin Logo not weird characters from firmware update via SD.

Any ideas Why the beeping?

Steps to Reproduce

In my case turning on or resetting.

Expected behavior: [What you expect to happen] No beep on startup

Actual behavior: [What actually happens] Banned from using printer at night because of loud long beep when resetting or turning on. I am trying to get PS-On and neopixel working on it so constantly changing config at moment.

That's a useful answer
Without any help


Today i have set up my first SKR 1.3 Board fornmy Ender 3 Pro. When i Power on the Printer or use the Reset Button of the SKR 1.3, i will get a terrible beep. So i think this is this issue.. but i have the stock ender 3 display (activated cr_10 Stockdisplay in marlin..)

Any ideas what i can do? At the first time i thought i havr made a mistske because this is my first skr... With marlin 2.0 bugfix (older release) on stock ender 3 melzi board it doesnt beep so terrible. Its sounds like an little explosion lol

I hope everbody can understand my bad english :(

Best regards Mark