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Marlin [BUG] (Bugfix 2.0) Homing Failed Printer halted

With the last bugfix : 6a2a10a154c9db39d5b3732e66685953e5f945e7 and when issuing a G28 or using the LCD option to home the printer, I get a Homing Failed / PRINTER HALTED. On pronterface, I get: SENDING:G28 Error:Printer halted. kill() called! [ERROR] Error:Printer halted. kill() called!

The printer is unusable.

The previous version I used : a0f8b25c1bd6826aa44edca4812a597dc433a13a does not have this issue. As there are around 30 commits between the 2 versions, I did not have yet the time to try to narrow down to the one which could be the problem.

Am I alone with this issue?

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I just fixed a 'Printer halted. kill() called!' problem while homing after upgrading my ender 3 pro to a skr v1.4 board. For me, turned out to be the stepper motor driver signals coupling to the endstop switch. The fix for me was to move the wires for stepper motor away from the 2 switch wires in the ribbon cables, and run them separately. Saw the problem on both the X and Y axis. The Z axis already had the wires separated. I expect the new stronger motor TMC2209 driver signals increase the coupling noise, or maybe the skr switch sensors are more sensitive to noise. This problem was exacerbated for my mahine having longer ribbon cables than stock.