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Marlin [BUG] Marlin on BigTreeTech SKR PRO can't be configured to use the onboard SD-card


Bigtreetech SKR Pro control board(STM32F4) does not seem to hold SD-based EEPROM to the on-board card.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Load lastest Marlin 2.0 to SKR Pro
  2. Make change via LCD to z-offset, etc, and Save to EEPROM
  3. Power cycle board. Settings have now reverted to initial(firmware) values

Expected behavior: Settings to EEPROM should save between power cycles

Actual behavior: Settings revert to initial firmware values after power cycle

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Apparently someone has done it at the "platform" level. I wouldn't still merge this into marlin because I still think that EEPROM emulation should be handled at a global level and not at a platform level.