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Marlin [BUG?] SKR 1.3 and TMC2130 SPI communication failure

Using this SKR 1.3 board which shipped with the TMC2130 drivers and latest version (as of 03/08/19) bugfix 2.0.x. The drivers are labelled as "BIGTREETECH TMC2130 v3.0".

I've enabled software SPI, powered the board from a 24v PSU and setup config.h and config_adv.h as shown in the BTT Youtube video for this board.

I'm confident that all configuration options are correct and the jumpers on the board are in the correct place.

Issuing an M122 gives:

Driver registers: X 0xFF:FF:FF:FF Bad response! Y 0xFF:FF:FF:FF Bad response! Testing X connection... Error: All HIGH Testing Y connection... Error: All HIGH

The motors will move in Pronterface but obviously the SPI communication isn't working and hence StallGuard doesn't work (the whole reason I'm trying to use 2130s).

I've checked the pins in the relevant pins.h file against the pinout on the BTT Github page for the board and everything is correct. As I have 5 of these drivers I've tried different ones in different locations, all with no success.

Is this a bug with this board, or are there any further checks I should do to test the SPI bus?

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I've got the exact same setup, except I don't use the stallguard feature of the 2130's yet. Using the very latest Marlin 2.0 bugfix, they work as expected on my end.

For the jumpers, each one marked in purple must be jumped:


Did you set the correct driver types ?


Edit: also ensure the SPI mode of the drivers is physically enabled, as described here: