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Marlin [BUG] TMC2209 UART connection error


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TMC UART seems to be broken with 2.0.X bugfix build pulled today from Marlin official repository, at least on BIGTREE_SKR_MINI env. The build compiles all right, but there is now "TMC CONNECTION ERROR" displayed on info screen once this FW image is flashed onto the board. Adittionally, M122 issues "Bad response" for all TMC drivers: Driver registers: X 0x00:00:00:00 Bad response! Y 0x00:00:00:00 Bad response! Z 0x00:00:00:00 Bad response! E 0x00:00:00:00 Bad response! Testing X connection... Error: All LOW Testing Y connection... Error: All LOW Testing Z connection... Error: All LOW Testing E connection... Error: All LOW

Same configuration, is working with image build some two weeks ago.

Steps to Reproduce

Download current build, replace platformio.ini, configuration.h and configuration_adv.h with those attached. Build and flash image on Bigtreetech Mini DIP board, with 4x TMC2209 in UART mode.

Expected behavior: No rerror message on screen, normal response from M122

Actual behavior: as above

Additional Information

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The TMCStepper library from BTT implements the software serial library methods. This is required to comunicate with the TMC uart drivers I their boards. The HAL STM32F1 in Marlin firmware implements dummy methods for this library.

  • Using original Marlin firmware without replacing the TMCSTEPPER library will result in connection error due to the dummy software serial methods
  • Using BTT TMCStepper library in original Marlin firmware results in build errors due to redefining Software Serial library methods

Adding -DHAVE_SW_SERIAL to build flags as stated earlier in this issue ignores the Dummy software serial library from Marlin so the build works and the TMC Connection error goes away.

Should Marlin implement the real software serial library for STM32F1 ?

PS: my test case is running SKR E3 DIP with tmc2208s