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Marlin [BUG] Sensorless Homing/Probing not working on SKR Pro v1.1 + TMC2209 v1.1

I am setting up a custom printer using the SKR Pro v1.1 with TMC 2209 v1.1 from BIGTREETECH. TMC 2209 are setup in UART mode.

I complied Marlin from yesterday October 8th. I have setup the configuration files but when testing the following happen:

  • X moving, suppose to arrive at the start point (x=0) of X axis but does not stop
  • same for Y and Z
  • The endstops are not triggered and are all open

I played with sensitivity but is not working. I uploaded the 3 config files, or can be viewed here

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I got it working both sensorless homing and probing with SKR pro v1.1 and TMC 2209 v1.2. Not sure how, since I downloaded Marlin from few days ag, compiled with new settings in the configuration files and it worked with sensitivity X60 Y60 Z76. Here are the config files.

here is a video: