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Marlin [BUG] G29 Probing failed after 1 Probe Point

Bug Description

After updating from Bugfix to Marlin 2.0 release, my bltouch on my CR10S with SKR Pro board is acting weird. It homes normally, also the M48 Test works fine. But when I start a print or issue a G29 manually through console, it probes the first point fine, moves to the second but then does not depoly the bltouch and then of course fails probing.

I used the same BLTouch settings as I used in old Firmware (worked just fine). No hardware changes made to printer.

Steps to Reproduce

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  1. Start Print with G29 in start script or issue G29 via Terminal

Expected behavior:

Do 16 Point leveling (and then start printing if print started)

Actual behavior:

BLtouch fails to deploy at point 2 and probing fails. Still starts printing normally if print started

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