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Marlin [BUG] Motor stuttering with linear advance on TMC2208 since Marlin 2.0

Hey there, in the past I often tried to switch to Marlin 2.0 from 1.1.9 but there was always some hinderance. Eventually I managed to sort out most of it (last was the motor knocking noise where you have to disable monitor_driver_status but I digress)

Bug Description

So I ported all the settings from my working 1.1.9 configuration to Marlin 2 (running an MKS Gen L with 5x TMC2208 in UART mode, dual BMG bowden extruder). In 1.1.9 I made use of linear advance and dialed in my K factor at 1.45 Now with Marlin 2 I get this weird stuttering on my extruder motor when linear advance is used (no stutter when I set K = 0) Any ideas why this is? (Here's also a video of that symptom: )

Already tried

I already tried using square wave stepping or setting the minimum stepper pulse to 1 or 2 (with TMC2209s installed you would get an error which tells you to do so with linear advance enabled and Trinamic drivers however with TMC2208 drivers you don't get that error message but I tried it anyways). Also it makes no difference whether I use stealthchop or spreadcycle or make use of hybrid_threshold. Running the driver in standalone mode or changing a TMC2209 driver and running that one in standalone mode makes no difference either

also see the attached configuration files (only changes I made are in these two files and always denoted with "//MS" in that line )

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Yesterday I noticed unexpected (to me) timing on the extruder with linear advance enabled. Perhaps it is related to this issue. I am only timing signals, I don't actually have a driver connected, so I can't be sure that this is related to the stuttering described.


In this image you can see a steady frequency, which corresponds to the Linear Advance interrupt rate. This is with square-wave stepping, so the narrow "glitches" correspond to two or three steps taken in a single Linear Advance ISR.

I suspect this could be causing the stuttering, and might even cause TMC2208 motors to shut down, based on past behavior I have observed.