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DS4Windows Sudden latency issues (latency over 10ms)

First time when I connected my controller with my laptop was with a cable, then I disconnected it and connected via bluetooth. Everything worked just fine for 2-3 days until my battery was almost empty. I decided then just to play via cable and I did. Everything worked the same with the cable. Next day I went to play a game and again I decided to connect to it via bluetooth but now my controller blinking red and showing message in Log windows that latency is switching over 10ms, under 10ms... What could be the cause of that. Tried to restart laptop few times, tried to restart controller few times, deleted profile folder of ds4 but that didn't help either.

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I'm having the same problems on Windows 10 build 1809 using v 1.7.4. I get constant latency spikes over 10ms and it's driving me nuts. I tried solutions I found online like setting system to performance mode, checking USB and Bluetooth power options but nothing seems to be working. Does anyone have any clue what's going on here? Using the latest drivers as well for everything. The weird thing is that it sometimes works great for a while and then starts spiking again. It makes no sense.