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angular "export 'ɵɵinject' was not found in '@angular/core' since v8.0.0-beta.12

🐞 bug report

Affected Package

The issue is caused by package @angular/core

Is this a regression?

Yes, the previous version in which this bug was not present was: 8.0.0-beta.11


I'm the author of @ngx-pwa/local-storage, one of the main Angular library for local storage management, and I'm preparing for Angular V8 from some weeks.

I'd like v8 version of the lib to work in Angular 8 and in Angular 7 too if possible (due to some issues that happened in v7 like cyrilletuzi/angular-async-local-storage#64).

It worked well until Angular v8.0.0-beta.11, but since Angular v8.0.0-beta.12, using the lib in an Angular 7 project results in these messages on build:

WARNING in ./node_modules/@ngx-pwa/local-storage/fesm5/ngx-pwa-local-storage.js 256:36-54
"export 'ɵɵdefineInjectable' was not found in '@angular/core'
WARNING in ./node_modules/@ngx-pwa/local-storage/fesm5/ngx-pwa-local-storage.js 865:168-176
"export 'ɵɵinject' was not found in '@angular/core'

In the browser's console, the same errors appear and the app is completely broken due to this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Object(...) is not a function

🔬 Minimal Reproduction

git clone
cd ng8injectissue
npm start

It's just an empty Angular 7 project generated with ng new, then npm install the lib and just inject the service of the lib inside AppComponent constructor.

The lib is generated with all official tools (last Angular CLI and ng-packagr), you can see the v8 code here.

Anything else relevant? Note that Angular v8.0.0-beta.12 was the version where Angular bumped from TypeScript 3.3 to 3.4.

So is this the desired behavior (ie. breaking retro-compatibility with v7?) or not? I thought imports starting with ɵɵ were Angular internals, so that they end up in the lib code seem more like a bug.

Lib issue: cyrilletuzi/angular-async-local-storage#103

That's a useful answer
Without any help

I just encountered a similar issue after running ng build with Angular 7 (migrated from Angular 5), precisely:

ERROR in ./node_modules/@angular/platform-browser/fesm5/platform-browser.js 2017:15-24     
"export 'ɵAPP_ROOT' was not found in '@angular/core'

I did following steps and things are working fine for me.

npm install -S @angular/material @angular/cdk @angular/animations npm uninstall @angular/core npm install -S @angular/core

Thank you guys!!

Fixed that issue as well