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containerd crictl pull image failed, failed to unpack image

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crictl pull xxxxxx/honglichang/test:pull_fail

FATA[0101] pulling image failed: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = failed to pull and unpack image "xxxxxx/honglichang/test:pull_fail": failed to unpack image on snapshotter overlayfs: failed to extract layer sha256:5a440235907b6a6a4d3dcbbadeffef7ae792f18684e3be7b41c8d5215a011a98: mount callback failed on /data/containerd/tmpmounts/containerd-mount760407397: unlinkat /data/containerd/tmpmounts/containerd-mount760407397/root/.cache/bazel/_bazel_root/68a62076e91007a7908bc42a32e4cff9/external/swig/Examples/test-suite: directory not empty: unknown

pull this image by docker success, build containerd by go1.14

here os.RemoveAll(path) failed.

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containerd v1.2.13-45-g7f1f9b1 7f1f9b1cbcc4c3081581a1c89cf163f909cb5446

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Does this happen with all the images or only for specific images?

only one.