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dependabot-core cargo: updater misses a valid update (update_not_possible)

Package manager/ecosystem


Manifest contents prior to update

Updated dependency

prometheus, expected update from 0.9.0 to 0.10.0 (released on 2020-09-01).

What you expected to see, versus what you actually saw

Dependabot is skipping this update, with the following messages logged:

  proxy | time="2020-09-08T05:14:56Z" level=info msg="proxy starting" commit=6c7a5acb2b2982f6bbe35988d635b24d7afa72ee
updater | time="2020-09-08T05:15:01Z" level=info msg="guest starting" commit=3f2146432118fdd1c0106af94aa1ee3180c134d7
updater | time="2020-09-08T05:15:01Z" level=info msg="starting job..." fetcher_timeout=5m0s job_id=54064398 updater_timeout=45m0s updater_version=0.119.2-44f545d18b91fba30ffc1bf83f991775bf34ab91
updater | INFO <job_54064398> Checking if prometheus 0.9.0 needs updating
updater | INFO <job_54064398> Latest version is 0.10.0
updater | INFO <job_54064398> Requirements to unlock update_not_possible
updater | INFO <job_54064398> Requirements update strategy bump_versions
updater | INFO <job_54064398> No update possible for prometheus 0.9.0

This is somehow new/recent, as previous updates to the same dependency were fine, e.g.

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@andrewbanchich FYI I have a wild guess that ^ versions may play a role in this, see