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for-win Docker for Windows 10 Experiencing Random Freezes

After installing Docker on my Windows 10 machine, I experience these random freezes. The frequency is 1-3 times per day at any given hour. My desktop will just freeze and require forced shutdown from the power button.


  • Is it reproducible? Install Docker & Enable Hyper-V and wait for a random freeze to occur.
  • Is the problem new? Ongoing for months
  • Did the problem appear with an update? No
  • Windows Version: 1803
  • Docker for Windows Version: 18.09.2

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Install Docker for Windows
  2. Enable Hyper-V manually or through installation wizard
  3. While Docker is running day-to-day, I randomly experience freezes that require me to manually restart my PC via power button.

When I've uninstalled Docker and disabled hyper-v this problem disappeared. So I know it's to do with docker/hyper-v.

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Without any help

Same issue here, but i get BSOD, with error: SYNTHETIC WATCHDOG TIMEOUT

Machine: win10 build 1903 Linux Containers AMD FX4100 M5A97 Motherboard

Disabling Docker for Windows restabilizes my PC

I'm going to try switching to Windows Insider Preview - Fast Ring for build >=18917 Then use linux docker within WSL 2 (


Went through these guides:

and it works way better. It's clean and far more efficient, and doesn't freeze/bsod (so far) - MUCH faster I/O performance, which I actually think contributed to my freezes.