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for-win Docker timeout crash on switching to windows containers

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  • Diagnostics ID: 8492F6F5-3664-481C-9904-0AE0F240B487/20190703183937

Expected behavior

After a clean install of windows docker for desktop, I attempted a switch from Linux containers to windows containers. I expected it to switch.

Actual behavior

It crashed:

Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed.
   at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController.WaitForStatus(ServiceControllerStatus desiredStatus, TimeSpan timeout)
   at Docker.Backend.Processes.WindowsDockerDaemon.TryToStartService(Settings settings, String args, Dictionary`2 env)
   at Docker.Backend.Processes.WindowsDockerDaemon.Start(Settings settings, String daemonOptions, Boolean useProtectedNamedPipe)
   at Docker.Backend.ContainerEngine.Windows.DoStart(Settings settings, String daemonOptions)
   at Docker.Backend.ContainerEngine.Windows.Start(Settings settings, String daemonOptions, Credential credential)
   at Docker.Backend.BackendServer.<Run>b__8_4(Object[] args)
   at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeServer.<>c__DisplayClass9_0.<Register>b__0(Object[] parameters)
   at Docker.Core.Pipe.NamedPipeServer.RunAction(String action, Object[] parameters)


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  • Windows Version: Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763, Windows 10 Pro, 1809
  • Docker Desktop Version:

This is a work computer, that is running Carbon Black virus and endpoint protection. It is possible that that is preventing hyper-V from running some of its commands and thus causing this timeout. However, if that is the case, I wouldn't expect docker to crash. Once in this state docker is completely hosed and has to be reinstalled. Restarting or attempting to reset to factory defaults results in an endless loop of timeouts. Initial installation of linux containers works (even though windows containers is selected as the starting container). This timeout crash occurs on switching.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

<!-- A reproducible case, Dockerfiles with reproduction inside is best. -->

  1. Install latest docker
  2. Switch to Windows containers.
That's a useful answer
Without any help

I have confirmed that Carbon Black is the issue. When it is off, I can switch containers. It appears that it is blocking hyper-v commands.