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for-win Docker Desktop for windows WSL 2, serial port support


I could not find a better place to ask/suggest this, please redirect me elsewhere as appropriate :)

Docker Desktop for Windows on WSL 2 is underway, and it sounds amazing.

There is one feature which I hope might be possible on this platform, and which would benefit a lot of people from the 'Maker' community: Support for serial ports like /dev/ttyusb0.

The use case for this is that a lot of embedded devices are programmed via a serial port (via a USB adapter like cp2102), and have a SDK which is Linux based and generally works very well in a Docker container. For example the popular ESP8266 and ESP32 devices.

I already use docker containers to program for these devices, having serial ports exposed in docker containers would be the last part to a great developer experience here :)


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Unfortunately, I'm in the same situation. I work with and ESP32 most of the time on Ubuntu Desktop and the only thing that is preventing me from moving to WSL2 is serial support that is not working.

It might or might not help you, but have a look at my current workaround which uses flashing over TCP to serial with some hackery: