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for-win [Solved - downgrade] sudden `The command 'docker-compose' could not be found in this WSL 1 distro.`

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Expected behavior

I was expecting docker-compose to run.

Actual behavior

➜  project git:(develop) docker-compose up -d
The command 'docker-compose' could not be found in this WSL 1 distro.
We recommend to convert this distro to WSL 2 and activate
the WSL integration in Docker Desktop settings.
See for details.


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  • Windows Version: Windows 10 Version 1909 (OS Build 18363.836)
  • Docker Desktop Version: (45183)
  • Are you running inside a virtualized Windows e.g. on a cloud server or on a mac VM: No

I just recently switched back to a project that uses docker and I got this error. I think there was an update before this version that I'm using. I wasn't working on the project so I don't know if docker-compose already broke during that time.

The thing is, I'm expected to be on WSL 2 when it's still not yet released publicly, it's still in the insider builds. And it's also impossible to enable the WSL 2 engine in the docker desktop settings because it needs Win 10 build 19018+

That's a useful answer
Without any help

As far as the public ring or release goes, version 2004 (which has the WSL2 as far as i know) is still due to be released on the 28th of May 2020 according to the first result on google. And it's not going to be available to all users at once so it will also take a while for everyone to have the update.

You can actually download the update right now through the Update Assistant, even if it doesn't show up when you check for updates.

In regards to the issue, I am running WSL2 and got the message.

The command 'docker-compose' could not be found in this WSL 2 distro.
We recommend to activate the WSL integration in Docker Desktop settings.

See for details.

Any idea what's wrong? Docker Engine: 19.03.8 Docker Desktop: