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react-native "RnDiffApp" has not been registered - 0.60.5 to 61.0-rc.2

After I upgraded from 0.60.5 to 61.0-rc.2. On ios devices working normally, but android has this error: Invariant Violation: "RnDiffApp" has not been registered. This can happen if: * Metro (the local dev server) is run from the wrong folder. Check if Metro is running, strop and restart it in the current project.

  • A module failed to load due to an error and 'AppRegistry.registerComponent' wasn't called. Screen Shot 2019-09-08 at 10 25 35 AM

React Native version:

System: OS: macOS 10.14.3 CPU: (8) x64 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz Memory: 72.03 MB / 16.00 GB Shell: 3.2.57 - /bin/bash Binaries: Node: 10.16.2 - /usr/local/bin/node Yarn: 1.17.3 - /usr/local/bin/yarn npm: 6.11.2 - /usr/local/bin/npm Watchman: 4.9.0 - /usr/local/bin/watchman SDKs: iOS SDK: Platforms: iOS 12.4, macOS 10.14, tvOS 12.4, watchOS 5.3 IDEs: Android Studio: 3.4 AI-183.6156.11.34.5692245 Xcode: 10.3/10G8 - /usr/bin/xcodebuild npmPackages: react: ^16.9.0 => 16.9.0 react-native: ^0.61.0-rc.2 => 0.61.0-rc.2 npmGlobalPackages: react-native-cli: 2.0.1 Phams-Mac-mini-2:SuaChuaPro phamminhkha$

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@lucas-wilmart you see 'RnDiffApp' change to your name project