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react-native Cant build react native from box in XCode: 'event2/event-config.h' file not found

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Try to build clear image on iOS using XCode (Version 12.4 (12D4e)).

React Native version:

"react-native": "0.63.4", also try 0.63.3

Steps To Reproduce

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  1. Create an app using npx: npx react-native init mob4 --template react-native-template-typescript
  2. Install pods: cd ios && pod install
  3. Open XCode and press Build

Expected Results

Normal stub app

Snack, code example, screenshot, or link to a repository:

Screenshot 2021-02-03 at 13 47 17

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This issue is caused by an update to the "Flipper-Folly" pod-spec. If you'd like to keep Flipper enabled, you can override the version in your Podfile:

use_flipper!({ 'Flipper-Folly' => '2.3.0' })

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