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react-children-utilities groupByType support UppercaseComponent, not only lowercase like div + span

Feature Request

Problem to solve

Be able to use groupByType on custom components. Currently only works on native/lowercase react elements/nodes like div, span, p, li, etc.


  <MyTab />
  <MyTab />
  <MyButton />
  <p />
  <p />

groupByType(children) inside MyComponent could return:

  MyTab: [<MyTab />, <MyTab />],
  MyButton: [<MyButton />],
  p: [<p />, <p />],

Possible implementation

Currently you can easily use lodash.groupBy and React.Children.toArray to accomplish this:

groupBy(Children.toArray(children), (child) =>


Any caveats or reasons this wouldn't work or shouldn't be implemented? I could probably try implementing and submit PR if it would be accepted

That's a useful answer
Without any help

I think uglify / terser will shorten function names but I haven't confirmed yet. e.g.