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community create and bridge IRC channels to matrix/slack

IRC channels will help us get in touch with a significant portion of our community that really prefers to use IRC over Matrix and Slack. We currently have several chat channels created in Matrix. We chose Matrix because it uses a decentralized, p2p protocol, and channels can be encrypted end-to-end. Matrix also makes it easy to integrate with other chat services.

Currently, we have bridged our Matrix channels to Slack. We want our core channels (listed below) to be bridged to IRC as well.

This issue requires two main steps:

  1. Create IRC channels for:
  • fil-dev
  • fil-proofs
  • fil-chat
  • fil-mining
  • fil-devex-docs
  1. Then, bridge these IRC channels to our Matrix channels (which the Slack channels are also bridged to).
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Closing this issue. If there is community interest, please comment on this issue and we will re-open.