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fluentd Fluentd memory leak in Kubernetes with "buffer_type file"

[Fluentd version] v1.2.5

[Environment] Kubernetes


[Problems] We are seeing Fluentd memory leaks with Kubernetes versions >= v1.10. After some investigation, we realized the log rotation mechanism changed from Kubernetes v1.9 and v1.10, which might trigger the memory leak. Guess the logs are rotated in a way that Fluentd does not support / handle well.

Some experiment with exactly the same Fluentd version, output plugin version but different Kubernetes versions are shown below: image

Is there any known limitation for log rotation mechanism that might trigger this? We report a similar issue before, but I've verified that we are using a Fluentd version with that fix.

[The log rotation manager] In case it helps, the log rotation mechanism is

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We will move the buffer file path out of /var/log for now in GKE. Changing the buffer file suffix might still help prevent similar cases for other systems (e.g. Kubernetes users) though.