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flutter Debugging through USB on physical iPhone often gets HttpException (when phone and desktop are connected to same wifi network)

When start debugging on my iPhone (connected to the computer through USB), I regularly get this error message: Error connecting to the service protocol: HttpException: , uri =

The error message shows up when running flutter run or with the debugging tool of VS code.

> edwin$ flutter run
> Launching lib/main.dart on Wenchao Liu’s iPhone in debug mode...
> Automatically signing iOS for device deployment using specified development team in Xcode project: 3S867Y73K3
> Running Xcode build...                                                  
>  ├─Assembling Flutter resources...                           6.8s
>  └─Compiling, linking and signing...                         4.6s
> Xcode build done.                                           74.4s
> Configuring the default Firebase app...                                 
> 6.8.1 - [Firebase/Core][I-COR000004] App with name __FIRAPP_DEFAULT does not exist.
> Configured the default Firebase app __FIRAPP_DEFAULT.                   
> 6.8.1 - [Firebase/Analytics][I-ACS023007] Analytics v.60101000 started  
> 6.8.1 - [Firebase/Analytics][I-ACS023008] To enable debug logging set the following application argument: -FIRAnalyticsDebugEnabled (see
> Installing and launching...                                        15.7s
> Error connecting to the service protocol: HttpException: , uri =

Despite the error, the app starts like normal, only the debugger stopped working (hot reloading too).

I have identified that this issue is wifi-related. To be clear, I did not attempt wireless debugging and the phone and desktop are always connected through the same USB cable. I tested under the following scenarios:

  1. iPhone on wifi, desktop on same wifi - the problem often occurs(but not always)
  2. iPhone on wifi, desktop on different wifi from the same router (2.4GHz and 5GHz networks) - same as above
  3. iPhone on cellular data, desktop on wifi - never any issue
  4. iPhone on wifi, desktop on a separate wifi network - never any issue
  5. iPhone on wifi, desktop disconnected from wifi - never any issue
  6. iPhone on wifi, desktop disconnected from wifi, start the debugger, then reconnect to wifi - often get a slightly different error message when doing a hot reload: Could not update files on device: HttpException: , uri =

Unplugging and replugging the phone sometimes (not always) solve the problem for a short period of time.

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I upgraded to 1.12.13+hotfix.7 and this is still an issue