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doom-emacs centaur-tabs' `gt`/`gT` asking for more key input.

What did you expect to happen?

When pressing gt or gT, the tab should be switched immediately.

What actually happened?

Instead of switching immediately, it stops waiting for another keystroke.

Describe your attempts to resolve the issue

I saw that if you press SPC or a letter, it switches tabs, but if you press an arrow key, the message "No replacement character typed" appears. This message seems to come from .local/straight/repos/evil/evil-common.el:609.

I removed my config and tested with the default doom config, and there gt is bound to workspace switching and works normally. Enabling tabs the bug appears again. I tried to remove the keybinding for workspace (in case it was conflicting) but that does not solve the issue.

Steps to reproduce

Install doom and enable the tabs module. Open two tabs and try to switch with gt.

System Information

That's a useful answer
Without any help

I think the current-prefix-arg in:

(evil-define-command +tabs:next-or-goto (index)
  "Switch to the next tab, or to INDEXth tab if a count is given."
  (interactive "<C>")
  (if current-prefix-arg
      (centaur-tabs-select-visible-nth-tab current-prefix-arg)

should be index, it's reading the prefix rather than the extra key? But I'm not sure because I didn't find any document about the <C> interactive code.