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react-native-firebase unknown crashes in firebase Crashlytics dashboard in my production

Hello I have migrated rn-firebase to "@react-native-firebase/app": "^8.4.6", "@react-native-firebase/crashlytics": "^8.3.0"

in firebase Crashlytics dashboard crashes have issues shows unknown with the help of logs I tried to reproduce the crashes cant able to do that anyone please explain what does it mean or any way to fix the crashes I have received more than 200 crash events for a single day Screenshot (41)_LI

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It's some native crash, there are some related reports here and last I know is that @AndrewMorsillo was going to try to get something cooked up with native symbolication so these were more decodable, - but it's not an easy task and I'm not sure if there is any progress. In the end this isn't a react-native-firebase problem per se, you've got a crash somewhere in your app and it's just that crashlytics isn't giving you enough information to find it because of the way react-native is built and packaged - that's out of our control unfortunately

I see these in my app as well, but I don't have any action to take, I suggest following that issue I linked