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react-native-firebase Error: 400: Your project does not own Dynamic Links domain:


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Getting an error: "Error: 400: Your project does not own Dynamic Links domain:" while try to create short dynamic link, when create usual link, it works fine!

Code for the creating short dynamic link:

onClickShare= () => {
const link =
    new firebase.links.DynamicLink(redirectLink , Config.FIREBASE_CONFIG.dynamicLink)

      .createShortDynamicLink(link, 'SHORT')
      .then((url) => {
        message: _('shareLinkMessage') + " " + url,
        title: _('shareLinkTitle'),
       }, {
        // Android only:
        dialogTitle:  _('shareLinkAndroid'),

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Xcode 10.2 Android studio 3.0.1

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  1. React Native version: 0.47.2

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  1. RNFirebase Version: 4.0.3

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  1. Firebase Module:

dynamic links

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@chrisbianca - We have added custom domain and got the right api-key. How should we configure a project for Dynamic Links? { "error": { "code": 400, "message": "Your project has not configured Dynamic Links. []", "status": "INVALID_ARGUMENT" } }