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cvise Cvising "PASS_BUG_INFO"

I've been cvising some C++14 code recently, and ended-up with quite a few cvise_bug_* folders (38 currently).

Is there a way for me to cvise these failures?

Basically, what I'm asking is this: if I see

ClangPass::remove-nested-function has encountered a bug:
pass error
state: 5

in PASS_BUG_INFO.TXT, is it possible for me to:

  1. manually run the clang pass
  2. know if it "failed"

? If so, then I can cvise the inputs to provide reduced failures.

Sadly, I can't share the original files as-is, because they're proprietary code; if I could cvise then, I can probably make files I can share.

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And you can also lower GIVEUP_CONSTANT = 50000 in cvise/utils/ and then grep for the message.