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vscode `Unknown file extension ".ts"` error debugging typescript app in Node app when upgrading from 1.46.1 to 1.47.2

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  • VSCode Version: 1.47.2
  • OS Version: Windows 10

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In 1.46.1 click F5 in folder with Node app using Typescript
  2. App runs in debug mode fine
  3. Upgrade to 1.47.2
  4. click F5 in folder with Node app using Typescript
  5. Error occurs (see below)

This happens with multiple projects.

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Error message:

"C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe" "c:\........\app.ts"
Debugger listening on ws://
For help, see:
Debugger attached.
Waiting for the debugger to disconnect...

TypeError [ERR_UNKNOWN_FILE_EXTENSION]: Unknown file extension ".ts" for c:\........\app.ts
    at Loader.defaultGetFormat [as _getFormat] (internal/modules/esm/get_format.js:65:15)
    at Loader.getFormat (internal/modules/esm/loader.js:113:42)
    at Loader.getModuleJob (internal/modules/esm/loader.js:243:31)
    at async Loader.import (internal/modules/esm/loader.js:177:17) {
Process exited with code 1


  // Use IntelliSense to learn about possible attributes.
  // Hover to view descriptions of existing attributes.
  // For more information, visit:
  "version": "0.2.0",
  "configurations": [
    "type": "node",
    "request": "launch",
    "name": "Launch Program",
    "skipFiles": [
    "program": "${workspaceFolder}/src/app.ts",
    "outFiles": [
    "env": {
That's a useful answer
Without any help

It is, and we have some tests for it, but it looks like there's something that might not work at parity with node-debug's treatment.

Since I know it works in some cases and this is an uncommon case with an easy workaround, I didn't triage it for July, but will tackle it during debt week or the upcoming iteration.