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vscode VS Code doesn't read Git packed-refs

VS Code doesn't seem to read the Git packed-refs file for remote branch information. It only looks in the .git/refs/remotes/origin folder but if the Git repository has a lot of seldom used branches then the hash for that branch will be in the packed-refs file and not in the above folder. Consequently, checking out one of those branches will lead to continuous file watcher errors. For example:

Failed to watch ref 'd:\apps\wwwroot\www\.git\refs\remotes\origin\[remote_branch_name]', is most likely packed.
Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, watch 'd:\apps\wwwroot\www\.git\refs\remotes\origin\john_ifims_remove_eforms'
	at FSWatcher.start (internal/fs/watchers.js:164:26)
	at (fs.js:1232:11)
	at (c:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\resources\app\extensions\git\dist\main.js:1:6950)
	at E.updateTransientWatchers (c:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\resources\app\extensions\git\dist\main.js:1:97463)
	at (c:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\resources\app\out\vs\workbench\services\extensions\node\extensionHostProcess.js:50:227)
	at T.updateModelState (c:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code\resources\app\extensions\git\dist\main.js:1:114843)

VS Code has correctly guessed that the reference is packed but I'm not aware of any way to force Git to unpack references and I may not want to update the branch I've checked out and commit the change in order for Git to create the individual reference file into the refs/remotes/origin folder. This is either a bug or a feature request but I think VS Code should really have the ability to look for Git references in the packed-refs file.


Version: 1.37.1 (system setup) Commit: f06011ac164ae4dc8e753a3fe7f9549844d15e35 Date: 2019-08-15T16:17:55.855Z Electron: 4.2.7 Chrome: 69.0.3497.128 Node.js: 10.11.0 V8: 6.9.427.31-electron.0 OS: Windows_NT x64 10.0.17134

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The exception should be included in the information I submitted on the issue I raised.

It's late here in Australia so I've shut down my coding environment for the day. I can reproduce the issue and send you more of the Git log in a day or so. I'm not sure a screen recording would be much help.because everything should be in the log.

From: João Moreno Sent: Friday, 30 August 2019 10:33 PM To: microsoft/vscode Cc: mankewd; Author Subject: Re: [microsoft/vscode] VS Code doesn't read Git packed-refs (#79776)

VS Code spawns git for everything git-related. It doesn't look into any folders manually.

Consequently, every time VS Code attempts to sync (about every minute it seems) an exception is thrown into the Git log stating that it can't find the reference and that it may be packed.

Can you show me the exception?

Can you record the issue in a screen recording?

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