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platformio-vscode-ide Failed to install Platformio IDE in vscode


  • I'm using platformio IDE in vscode.

  • Before 2019.10.11, the platformio IDE extension worked well.

  • But after 2019.10.11, every time I open vscode I get this message.

Installing PlatformIO Core...
Please do not close this window and do not open other folders until this process is completed.
Failed to install PlatformIO IDE.
  • No more information shows.

What I Have Tried

  • Uninstall vscode and reinstall it

  • Uninstall platformio IDE and reinstall it

  • Downgrade vscode from 1.39 to 1.37

  • Downgrade platfotmio IDE from 1.90 to 1.83

  • pip --no-cache-dir install -U platformio

  • conda install platformio

  • pip uninstall platform and then pip install platformio

  • Restart the computer

  • Uninstall platformio IDE and delete all the folders and files whose names contain 'platformio', and than reinstall platformio

  • Run vscode as administrator and install platformio IDE

  • I still haven't fixed the problem now.

What I Have Found

  • After I uninstall platformio IDE and tried to reinstall it (of course I failed), I found the folder "C:\Users\Bowman.platformio"'s size is only 0KB, and it contains only one folder ".cache".

What I Have Installed in My Computer

  • Anaconda(Python 3.7)

  • JDK

  • node.js

  • .NET Core

  • mingw64

  • Visual Studio 2019

  • Visual Studio 2017

  • Stm32CubeIDE

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@BowmanChow can you fix your conda installation? It's better to remove it and never use again. Please use original and official Python interpreter from

So, uninstall this conda and use Python 3.8. Please don't forget to check box with adding Python to PATH.