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platformio-vscode-ide '' not found

Hi, I'm having problem with platformio since a few days back. Haven't used VS Code for a few weeks and after updating everything I can no longer build.

I get the error: command '' not found

I found a few people with similar issues but their solution didn't work for me. For example:

I have tried:

  1. Uninstalling VS Code
  2. Uninstall pyton
  3. Delete %user%/.platformio
  4. Delete %user%/.vscode
  5. Downlaod VScode and install
  6. Install platformio extension
  7. Downlaod and install latest pyton (3.8.0) and add it to PATH.

Any one have any ideas?


EDIT: Windows x64 VSC 1.40.1 Platforio 3.0.1 Core 4.1.0

That's a useful answer
Without any help

I got the same error when I opened a folder which didn't have a platformio.ini file. When I opened the correct (child) folder it worked. It would be nice if platformio shouted if you were trying to build in a folder that doesn't have a platformio.ini instead of giving a cryptic '' not found' error.

I'm not saying that OP has same problem as me but it's a possibility.