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platformio-vscode-ide Windows 10, VSCode: PIO Home doesn't load

Hello! I have installed PlatformIO into my VSCode and two days everything worked fine. But today "PIO Home" page suddenly stopped to load. When I press PIO Home button the "PIO Home" tab opened but there is only "Loading..." text. And nothing happens. No error messages. If I run "pio home" in PlatformIO terminal the PIO Home started successfully with the following message: Open PIO Home in your browser by this URL => PIO Home has been started. Press Ctrl+C to shutdown. And then the page automatically opens in my browser. But something goes wrong: PIO Home I see only rotating dots. No core version, no news. Just "Loading...". If I press "Libraries" I don't see any libraries. Just "Loading...". PS: My OS: Windows 10 x64 Home. I had not install any new software or updates in my system.

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Oops. I restarted Windows and the problem disappeared. Sorry to bother you )