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platformio-vscode-ide VSCode: PlatformIO IntelliSense Index Rebuild task runs forever


Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit v1709

PlatformIO Version (platformio --version): Home: 0.6.0, Core: 3.5.1a3

Description of problem

Upon creating a new project with the same board/configuration as I have done before, the 'IntelliSense Index Rebuild' task which automatically runs on startup will not stop, and this prevents building/deploying of the project code.

All other projects created before this point did not suffer from this effect. A previous project using the same board and platformIO.ini worked perfectly. Once this new project was created (in the same way I've done in the past), all projects now suffer from this infinite IntelliSense Index Rebuild.

Restarting all instances of VSCode did not help and restarting the computer did not help.

Triggering a build while in this state only outputs the build info:

> Executing task: platformio.exe run <

.. warnings .. (not applicable to this problem)
[.. timestamp ..] Process featheresp32 (<platformio.ini config>... same as when it worked>)

... then nothing. Just the spinner in the bottom toolbar next to "PlatformIO: IntelliSense Index Rebuild"

Does anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking my next move is to re-install PlatformIO extension.

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Without any help

Hi there, I had the same problem (Just the spinner in the bottom toolbar next to "PlatformIO: IntelliSense Index Rebuild") and solved it the same way (disabling the wifi adaptor on my laptop).

Should we reopen this issue, should I start a new one, or is this considered not an issue?