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synology-wireguard DSM 7 support?


Did anyone tried to compile the spk for DSM7 ?

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Only yesterday I discovered Synogear - Synology Diagnosis Tool. Diagnosing the problem has become a bit easier. strace showed that the error is returned in the netlink response. In this case the bug appears somewhere in the kernel module. I have now come to the conclusion that after creating a new wireguard device it does not retain the rtnl_link_ops properties. For this reason, an error is returned in the kernel module. On Virtual DSM rtnl_link_ops contains the correct structure for this device. I must admit that during these few hours of debugging I learned a little about the linux - functioning of the user space and the kernel, so this is not time wasted.

@runfalk To install a package on DSM 7.0 the run-as value in the conf/privilege file must be set to the package. This causes the scripts to run with user privileges. Running the package will fail because the user has no permission to load kernel modules. I found a simple workaround to this problem. During package installation you should uncheck the option to run after installation. Then just change the value in the conf/privilege file to root from the terminal (root privileges are required for this) and the package can already be started normally from the DSM and will start automatically with the system start.

sudo sed -i 's/package/root/g' /var/packages/WireGuard/conf/privilege

@Kopernikus1979 I see that your device is DS920+. It is the same platform as my DS220+. Maybe you would like to try my WireGuard compilation for DSM 7.0? I am trying to solve the problem described above, but maybe on your device WireGuard will work properly.