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scrapy-splash Proxies not set per request?

I have been using proxies for a while (with scrapy-spash). That was a static one and the problem is now regards rotating proxies. I have the following code:

proxies = ['', '', '', '']
for i in range(0,3):
   yield SplashRequest(callback = self.parse, endpoint ='execute', meta={'dont_retry' : False,}, args={'lua_source': 
   self.luaScripts['checkIP'], 'proxy' : 'http://' + proxies[i], 
   'timeout': 90}, dont_filter=True)

This is my what is in my Lua script:

function main(splash, args)
  local _linksToBeFixed = 0
  return {mypng = splash:png(),}

The proxy used is always the first proxy specified (in this case, This seems quite strange to me. Note that self.luaScripts['checkIP'] is a lua script that goes to

Why is it only the first proxy specified that is used in ALL your SplashRequests? How can you specify different proxies per request as with Scrapy requests (i.e. meta['proxy'])?

Even request.body has different proxies (as set per request) - so this only makes it even stranger that only the one set in the first request is being used for all future SplashRequests...

It also happens if I use splash:set_proxy in the script.

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You could use multiple Splash instances, and use one proxy with each, for concurrency.

Nonetheless, since concurrency was the problem, could you close this issue?