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storybook [Question] When do we use knobs over control?

I'm new and keep seeing knobs tutorial but I've read we should use control instead, is there any instances when I would prefer this over controls? or is this eventually going to be deprecated.

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controls was introduced in 6.0 to replace knobs. the two areas it falls short currently:

  • knobs are fully dynamic, e.g. you can conditionally show and hide knobs based on the value of other knobs
  • knobs can be saved on the URL and initialized from the URL. this is coming to controls in 6.1 #12291

if you don't need either of these immediately, use controls

I'm very interested in the former, conditionally show/hide knobs based on a state.

const [isEnabled, toggleEnabled]= useState(true)

return <>{isEnabled && text('enabledLabel', 'enabled')} {!isEnabled && text('disabledLabel', 'disabled')} <button onClick={()=>toggleEnabled(isEnabled)}>Toggle</button></>

I'm expecting to hide/show enabledLabel and disabledLabel in the knobs panel depending on the state.