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svelte Error when I import an .svelte component inside other .svelte component

First thanks for the incredible minimal framework, i've started using it today and i liked so much, especially the 7kb package :), but i got some issue in SSR.

I'm using SSR with hydrate and hydratable options, when I import a simple Button component inside my entrypoint component, the console show an undefined error, whitout the importation, app work's fine. I don't know if my error is caused by webpack configuration or by any bug.

I cannot reproduce this in REPL so I created a reproduction repo:

Just install dependencies and run npm run start or yarn start

Thank's for the attention.

<Details> <Summary>Console output</Summary> proxy.js:142 TypeError: Cannot read property 'fragment' of undefined at Object.l (App.svelte:80) at init (internal.js:1189) at new App (App.svelte:141) at proxyComponent.register (proxy.js:135) at new proxyComponent (proxy.js:61) at eval (client.ts:4) at Module../src/client.ts (index.js:1162) at webpack_require (index.js:724) at fn (index.js:101) at eval (webpack:///multi(:3000/webpack)-dev-server/client?:3:18) _register @ proxy.js:142 </Details>

My env:

Package Version
svelte 3.4.4
svelte-loader 2.13.4
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I founded the issue, the problem was in the svelte-loader, hotReload option setted to true cause the error. Closing.