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svelte Deno integration

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Node.js has had many design flaws that have been corrected in Deno

Describe the solution you'd like The Svelte compiler to work with Deno

Describe alternatives you've considered To continue using Node.js

How important is this feature to you? Extremely, I love Svelte and my #1 priority for any new project is using Svelte as a front end framework, but I also think that Node.js is a bit of a mess.

Additional context I believe Svelte is the future of the front end, and Deno is the future of server-side JavaScript. If the two worked out of the box together I think it could result in a paradigm shift for extremely performant, low bundle size web apps with a far better developer experience than what is currently available with Node.js / React etc.

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update: the "dev: true" flag actually works in deno, the error happens just in the service worker