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terraform-provider-azurerm Linux VM scale set cannot be created using shared image gallery

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Terraform (and AzureRM Provider) Version

Terraform v0.12.21

  • provider.azurerm v2.0.0

Affected Resource(s)

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  • azurerm_linux_virtual_machine_scale_set

Terraform Configuration Files

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resource "azurerm_linux_virtual_machine_scale_set" "current" {
    name                 = "test-vmss"
    location             = "East US2"
    resource_group_name  = "test-rg"
    sku                  = "Standard_D4s_v3"
    zones                = [1,2,2]
    zone_balance         = "true"
    instances            = 1
    provision_vm_agent   = "true"

    computer_name_prefix = "testvmss"
    source_image_id      = "subscriptions/myS/resourceGroups/myRg/providers/Microsoft.Compute/galleries/mygallery/images/myimg"
    custom_data          = base64encode(file(var.vmss_config.cloud_init))

    disable_password_authentication = var.vmss_config.disable_password_authentication
    admin_username                  = var.vmss_config.admin_username
    admin_password                  = var.vmss_config.admin_password
    admin_ssh_key {
        username   = var.vmss_config.admin_username
        public_key = var.vmss_config.admin_ssh_key
    lifecycle {
        ignore_changes = [
            # Ignore changes to instances as auto-scale is enabled
    identity {
        type         = "UserAssigned"
        identity_ids = var.identity_ids

    os_disk {
        caching                   = var.os_disk.caching
        storage_account_type      = var.os_disk.storage_account_type
        disk_size_gb              = var.os_disk.disk_size_gb
        # encryption is not supported for custom OS images
        # disk_encryption_set_id    =

    network_interface {
        name    = "${var.vmss_prefix}-ip"
        primary = true
        ip_configuration {
            name      = "primary-network"
            primary   = true
            subnet_id =
            load_balancer_backend_address_pool_ids = var.lb_backend_address_pool_ids
            application_gateway_backend_address_pool_ids = []
            application_security_group_ids               = []
            load_balancer_inbound_nat_rules_ids          = []

    upgrade_mode         = "Manual"
	health_probe_id      = var.health_probe_id


Debug Output

The same error shows up when the specific image version is used.

Error: Can not parse "source_image_id" as a resource id: ID contained more segments than required: "subscriptions/myS/resourceGroups/myRg/providers/Microsoft.Compute/galleries/mygallery/images/myimg"

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Panic Output

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Expected Behavior

This works for azurerm_virtual_machine_scale_set and is expected to work with the new azurerm_linux_virtual_machine_scale_set

Actual Behavior

Only the direct URL to the image is supported. Error is thrown when shared image gallery is used.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. terraform apply

Important Factoids

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Hi @mb139h & @opsj! While this did not make it into the 2.0.0 release, PR #5901 was recently merged. So, this should be resolved in 2.1.0 which will hopefully happen next week. Thanks :smiley: