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wekan GitLab integration with Wekan Rules Sync

Moved to here from #109 as requested by GitLab integration Sponsor @gotjoshua . Currently @xet7 working on this issue, as first step here is Roadmap combined by @xet7 .

Wekan Sync to GitLab and back

About GitLab

  • There is GitLab interview at FLOSS Weekly, and from that xet7 got info that not all features are in Open Source version. For example, when xet7 tried to enable syncing latest Wekan changes from GitHub to, there was text that it is paid only / Enterprise feature. There seemed to be some translation support in GitLab, but no Finnish translation yet.
  • External CI/CD configuration in Starter and Bronze "Note that as part of our commitment to open source, public projects on Free have features equivalent to a Gold level subscription. So those public projects will continue to have this feature." so if I setup CI/CD at for Wekan Open Source project, I presume it stays working, and I can look at all features at Gold level that should work now at
  • Navigate to external issue tracker, could this be used to replace GitLab issues/board with Wekan board
  • SAST security report on pipelines view This would be nice, previously xet7 has already got security reports from

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  • [ ] Receiving Webhook

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@xet7 - thanks, your efforts are really appreciated.

I think there would be a lot of interest in this bidirectional issue syncing with gitlab.

Im a bit rusty with javascript but am happy to help.