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xbmc Crash on Xbox Series X when trying to play any 4k video

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When trying to play any 4k video on Xbox Series X, it will crash and return to dashboard screen. There are multiple people reporting the same problem on forum here

Expected Behavior

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4k video plays as any other video without crashing the application

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When running 4k video, does not have to be HDR it will crash.

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Not sure, tried to fiddle with settings like adjust refresh rate to always, trying different rendering methods, disabling hardware acceleration without any effect. It always crashed. Same 4k video works fine in VLC on same system.

To Reproduce

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  1. Start Kodi on Xbox Series X
  2. Play any 4k video


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Here is debug log from the forum, I can provide additional one if needed.


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  • [X] Windows UWP

  • Operating system version/name: Xbox Series X

  • Kodi version: 18.9

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That's a useful answer
Without any help

Might be related, though that case describes playback issues. I was able to play 4k videos on Xbox One S, if it was HEVC or too high bitrate it might have issues, but at least it was running. On Xbox Series X it just crashes immediately. VLC or native Xbox player have no issues with playback of same file.